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   How A House Church Can Help During Coronavirus
Amazing Grace House Church
    Coronavirus and worship in a house church
Updated March 17, 2020
   The Size Of Most House Churches
In general house churches have always been small enough to meet in a medium size home. Even larger churches are now using house churches for a place providing a safe environment. Our house church generally has 8 to 11 people that gather for worship each Sunday. During our Coronavirus
dilemma this is a great option for those seeking spiritual blessings.
The Age Group Of Our House Church
Currently we do not have any classes or special activities for children. We certainly have had guests bring children occasionally. Most of our worship activites are geared for adults.
If you are a first time guest please call to confirm attending. We are trying to remain a small and safe group. Currently we are suggesting no contact by shaking hands, hugs, etc. Thank You!