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The Bible records the first church in Jerusalem meeting in the temple area called "Solomon's Porch" in Acts 5:12. This was a huge colonade on the east side of Temple. It had to be very large, for this church numbered several thousand by this time. Within 3 years the church was so persecuted that most Christians left Jerusalem. See Acts 8:1-4. By this time the Jerusalem disciples had to begin meeting in house churches.
As churches were planted throughout the world it was common practice for them to worship in house churches. See Romans 16:5 & I Corinthians 16:19. The Christian Church was considered an illegal religion and met in homes until at least 325 a.d. The Roman Emperor Constantine declared his faith in Jesus and declared Christianity the Legal Religion of the Roman Empire at that time. Eventually churches started obtaining buildings for their meetings and worship.
The evidence for our current Bible being trustworthy is
somewhat overwhelming. There are over 5,000 manuscript
copies of the Bible today. Some cover only one epistle, and
some contain most of the 66 books of the Bible.
Our church believes in the Verbal Plenary Inspiration of the Bible. This means that all of the parts of the Bible, as well as every word of the Bible says exactly what God wanted. The Father inspired the writers with the Holy Spirit to record each Hebrew or Greek word that He intended. All of these inspired words were recorded in these languages. Today "word for word" translations of the Bible seek to give us these original words in our English & many other languages.
At some point in every adult's life they are faced
with the destructive dilemma of sin--failing to obey the
divine directives of our God. Just like Adam and Eve,
every accountable person sins against our Father.
There is no one without sin--Romans 3:9-12,23.
True belief in our holy Father & Son demands that we
somehow have our sins removed or forgiven. Then as
saved disciples we must be committed to living a holy
and blessed life on earth.
God sent Jesus Christ to show us how to gain
forgiveness and be at peace with the Father, even
though disciples are still somewhat flawed. Faith in
Jesus' work of redemption helps us to become
righteous, Romans 3:21-23. Faith in Jesus' blood
enables us to be forgiven. We demonstrate this act
of faith as we repent from our old life and are baptized.
See commands in Matthew 28:19,20 & Acts 2:37-39
Saved disciples will seek to serve God in a church
that belongs to Jesus. A faithful church of Jesus is
not difficult to locate today. It could have 15 or 1500
people of all races and ages.
A faithful church should believe and practice the
equality of all disciples. See Galatians 3:26-28
Jesus promises that faithful disciples will live
forever in Heaven. See John 14:1-6 & John 10:28